Thursday, August 25, 2016

Underground Airlines

A controversial concept that only Ben Winters could have pulled off. So obscene and horrifying of an idea that it sucks you in instantly. What if the United States had never abolished slavery and the Civil War had never occurred? Winters does an amazing job of bringing that world to life in this harrowing story of a black bounty hunter whose job it is to track down escaped slaves and bring them back to the four remaining slave holding states in the South. Everything starts off as normal for "Victor" as he arrives in Indianapolis looking for his target but things quickly go off track for this bounty hunter. Something isn't right about this case, and Victor finds himself in a bad spot. This fast paced thriller will leave readers guessing as the tables keep turning. Victor likes to think of himself as one of the good guys roped into doing bad work for the government, but this case makes him rethink everything he's done. Can he really make a difference for the 3 million still enslaved? An utterly engrossing and horrifying look at how our country might have looked had their been no Civil War.

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