Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Things We Knew

Five siblings, five separate paths, everyone has moved on. Everyone that is except, Lynette. As the youngest she stayed behind in Nantucket to help with the house and their father after their mother's untimely death. As her father slips farther and farther into Alzheimers and the house sinks further in to debt she knows she has to seek help. Her siblings have proven to be no help so she goes to the bank seeking a loan and instead finds her childhood crush. Nick was her older brother's best friend and just when she thought they might mutually like each other he was off to college and she hasn't seen him in 5 years. Nick is convinced that she needs to sell the huge home, but it's so full of memories that she doesn't think she can part with it. Also there is a pesky little thing in her mother's will stipulating that all 5 children have to be present and all agree on whatever happens to the estate. With no other options she resorts to assembling her far flung brothers and sister. Gray, the musician with addiction problems, the happily married dad, the too busy for family lawyer, and the missionary in Africa. With everyone together for the first time since their mother's death memories and truths start to surface. Will Lynette be able to handle it? Is it better to leave the truth buried? Who can she trust? Does Nick really care for her? While definitely classified as inspirational, it's not over the top zealous like some in the genre and will have a wide range of appeal to other audiences. I could have done with Lynette being a stronger character. She didn't want to be treated like the baby of the family but she definitely acted like it on occasion. I preferred some of the other characters a little better.

I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity in return for my honest, unbiased opinion.

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