Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Drifting in the Push

A memoir that reads more as fiction than reality, this adventurous trek of one young man will inspire readers to go out there and take a chance on their futures. Adventure is just around the corner if you'll only follow it! Going all the way back to his early childhood years, Dan is the kind of person you just want to be friends with. Always eager to lend a hand, hard working, fun, and a little naive, he's the kind of guy who you'd love to shoot the shit with. Whether it's summer jobs that should have been thought through, horrible living conditions (imagine the worst place you've ever seen, and then double it), partying a little too hard in college, or trying vainly to get the girl, Dan has a story to top yours. When he graduated college with no prospects he decided that something would come to him and he eventually ended up living in Alaska doing odd jobs until he fell into carpentry and finally got steady employ. Always at his side is his lovable sidekick Hank, part husky, part mutt, all around adorable and central to nearly every story. Together they battle bears, drug dealers, hypothermia, and ant-freeze, nothing is insurmountable when they are together. An enjoyable funny read that will definitely leave you wanting to know how the story continues. I'm eagerly awaiting the follow up!

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