Friday, August 26, 2016

Sex Criminals: Volume 1

Easily one of the best graphic novels I've ever read. This oddly erotic, humorous, and ridiculous comic had me hooked from page one. When Suzie was a young hormonal teenager she discovered that she could freeze time anytime she orgasmed. She thought she was alone with that odd power until she met this guy at a party and they hooked up. When they discovered that they were both alone together in the frozen orgasm time they realized that they weren't the only ones. And the next logical step of course is to use their combined powers to rob banks, which leads to sex in a lot of public places. But even that is admirable because Suzie is a librarian and the big bank is foreclosing on her library. They'll just be stealing the exact amount of money to save the library. Well that and having the best sex of their lives. It's over the top fun, I need more!! Suzie may be my new favorite fictional librarian.

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