Friday, August 26, 2016

The Virgin in the Ice

My pleasure was immense at finding this audiobook narrated by Brother Cadfael himself, Derek Jacobi. I grew up loving the show and have yet to read the books they are based off of. I was insanely happy to find that some of the audiobooks were narrated by the lead of the show because it takes me back, plus Jacobi is an excellent narrator. This is book six in the Brother Cadfael series but honestly you can read any of these books out of order. Brother Cadfael is a benedictine monk during the middle ages that helps solve murder mysteries. In The Virgin in the Ice two high ranking children are lost, a monk found beaten nearly to death, and a nun murdered. Cadfael and the local sheriff, Hugh Berringer work together to unravel what has happened. An excellent read and the TV shows follows the story-line to a T.

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