Thursday, November 10, 2022

After Dark with Roxie Clark

A great sophomore novel from teen author, Brooke Lauren Davis. Roxie Clark is obsessed with the macabre, she's the weird outcast of her high school because of her gothic witchy style, but that doesn't stop he from being her weird little self. She runs a ghost tour in the evenings and gets to share all the weird stories she's uncovered at the library about the untimely deaths of her ancestors. Roxie has seen three dead bodies - but it's only the third one that haunts her - her sister's boyfriend and her best friend's brother, Colin. She doesn't include that tale on her tours - it's still too new and too fresh. But at least he's coping. Her sister hasn't hardly gotten out of bed in a year - what finally gets her moving is a surprise to them both and the chain of events it starts will answer some long buried questions and turn everything they thought they knew upside down. Slow build up - but the end was a surprise. Love this author!

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