Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Forever Farmhouse

Bestselling romance author, Lee Tobin McClain, pens a new heartwarming romance series, kicking it off with The Forever Farmhouse. Ryan Hastings hasn’t come back to Teaberry island much since he left for college, but when he gets word that his foster mother isn’t coping well after the death of her husband he decides to bring his research with him and come back to the place where he left his heart. Mellie Anderson, was more than the girl next door, she was Ryan’s first and only love. Like his foster mother, she is widowed, but has a ten-year-old son and seems to be doing just fine. But the reality is, she is not coping well being in such close proximity with her son’s father. Although he is an esteemed scientist, Ryan isn’t very good with dates and has no idea that he fathered a child, something Mellie is fine with him never knowing. But as they start to gravitate towards each other again and Ryan starts to fall back in love with the island and with her – secrets are bound to come out. Narrated calmly and expertly by Tanya Eby who breathes life into the small-town Chesapeake Island community. Extremely slow moving and filled with every inspirational trope imaginable, this audio is only recommended for those who like their romances to be all fluff and no substance. 

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