Saturday, November 19, 2022

Remarkably Bright Creatures

Oh my goodness. I adored this book so much. It was beautiful, unique, and so captivating. I loved all the characters from the smarty pants octopus, Marcellus to the stuck in her ways Swedish widow, Tova - they all felt so human and so alive. Marcellus may be in captivity but he's no dummy - he observes everyone - and quite possibly his favorite human he sees in the aquarium is the little old woman who comes in at night to clean. Tova at least talks to him. When an interesting new character comes to town, a 30 year old with seemingly no life ambitions or gumption - the grouchy old octopus makes a connection and determines that he will spend his final days trying to bring Tova happiness - even if it's the last thing he does. Charming and cute. I can't stop thinking about this book. A wonderful debut novel. 

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