Wednesday, November 23, 2022

To the Stars Through Difficulties

A cast of unlikely women find themselves banding together in Kansas to save the arts. Angelina has travelled to Kansas to FINALLY finish her dissertation on Carnegie libraries - with any luck she'll finish it by the time she turns 40 - only a few months away. She is hoping she will be inspired by revisiting her grandmother's hometown. Traci has fled New York to pursue an artist residency at the New Hope cultural center. She lied on her credentials, but how else is she going to find a free place to live? Now only if she can convince these quilters and rowdy teens to get on board with her "unique" art. Last but not least is Gayle, she is suffering from PTSD since a tornado wiped out her town and her home. Travelling to the New Hope cultural Center to quilt and talk is about the only thing that keeps her going. These outsiders to town will find out that they all have a shared love of community and will go to astonishing links to preserve it. 

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