Monday, January 17, 2022

The Magnolia Palace

This book started really slow for me - I didn't start caring about any of the characters or the plot until halfway through. Told during two time periods at the same place, the Frick Mansion in New York City, The Magnolia Palace is about uncovering long buried secrets. In 1919, infamous model "Angelica" is wanted for questioning by the police. When she is mistaken for an applicant for a lady's secretary and given an interview, she quickly accepts the job as the money will allow her to leave the city faster. Even though she knows nothing about being a secretary to the wealthy elite she is a quick learner and soon proves invaluable to the Frick family, especially, Helen. In 1966, an intern and a model are trapped overnight in The Frick Museum during a blizzard. Veronica (the model) discovers a packet of letters that are really a clue - what will they lead to and what will they uncover from the past? The two storylines collide at the end as all is revealed. Intriguing, but not wholly captivating. 

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