Friday, January 7, 2022

She Drives Me Crazy

A cute lesbian romcom for teens. Would make a great teen movie! Scottie is having a hard time her senior year. Her girlfriend transferred to their rival high school and dumped her. When they play each other on the basketball court Scottie barely holds it together. To make matters worse the popular cheerleader that's bullied Scottie in the past, backs into her car and the two girls get roped into carpooling with each other. Scottie and Irene can't stand each other, but Scottie thinks she has a plan to get back at her ex girlfriend and drive up attendance at her basketball games. If she can pay Irene to fake date her in exchange for paying the insurance deductible on the damaged car - she might turn around her senior year. Heartfelt, messy, and fun. Teenage hormones go wild in this cute enemies to lovers romcom. Good fun all around. 

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