Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A Dragon Used to Live Here

A children's fantasy novel that is told as a story within a story. When two Noble Children lose one of their best arrows they stumble upon a "dungeon" in a courtyard they weren't often there. They soon discover that it's not a dungeon but an odd assortment of artists who are responsible for all the castles invitations, paintings, and decorations. The leader of the rag tag group is Meg, and she wants nothing to do with the children as she is very busy. But the kids know that this crazy woman (is she a witch?) has some fantastic stories up her sleeve. So the boy and girl come back every day with treats from the castle kitchen and put themselves to work, all in order to hear the story about the dragon who used to live in the tower. It's too unbelievable to be true, but the kids are entranced by the story. They soon discover -that one of the main characters in Meg's story is their sensible mother. Their mother knew about a dragon and never told them?!? Cute and fun, a perfect family read that is sure to elicit lots of giggles. The illustrations are a nice touch. 

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