Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Man Called Ove


*Updated Review* 

When I first read this book I gave it 2 stars/ Ove was too much of a curmudgeons for me and I did not care for his character at all. I also listened to the audiobook version and I wonder if that had something to do with my low rating. Upon reading it again, I was much more emotional. I didn't hate Ove quite so much and I even shed some tears. It could be because I'm pregnant and hormonal or it could be that I'm at a better place in my life to enjoy this book about a stubborn old man so set in his ways it takes an army of strangers to snap him out of his funk. For the second time around, I will rank this book 3.5 stars. 

Backman, Fredrik. A Man Called Ove. 8 CDs. unabridged. 9 hrs 9 mins. Dreamscape Media. 2014. ISBN 9781629239804. 

A Man Called Ove, the first novel from Swedish breakout novelist, Fredrik Backman, has found immediate worldwide success and quickly became an international bestseller. A stereotypical grumpy old man, Ove, finds his quiet solitude changing when a young family moves in next door. Ove is the kind of man that yells at kids to get off his lawn and is the bane of the local resident's association. He may come across as gruff and bitter but behind the unpleasant exterior there is a dignified man with a story of love and heartbreak. The young couple next door and a scruffy cat may be the perfect combination to  break Ove out of his shell and to help him truly start living. This adorable tale may start painstakingly slow but quickly gathers speed as Ove's neighbors start testing his patience and breaking him out of his sad routine. The English edition of the audiobook, is narrated beautifully by the talented voice and film actor, George Newbern. Witty and full of heart this is a tale that readers of all ages will enjoy.​ - Erin Cataldi, Johnson County Public Library, Franklin, IN​

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