Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Heart Adrift

Giving a man a second chance - especially when he's given his heart to the sea, is a risk. But ever since Captain Henri Lennox has returned to Indigo Island - Esmee is torn asunder. Ten years ago she and him were romantically involved, but she gave him an ultimatum - the sea or her and he chose the sea. It's approaching the winter of 1755 and war is looming with France. Esmee is content to be an unwed woman and work in her family's chocolate shop. She finds fulfillment supporting the almshouse and reading. But when Henri shows up - her heart yearns for a different path. Can they make something work this time or will it be more of the same? An inspirational novel about second chances, faith, and following ones heart. Well researched historical fiction that will move hearts and minds.

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