Monday, January 4, 2021

Love, Kurt

Witty and fun to see how Vonnegut's writing style has progressed but..... he was kinda stalk-ery. He gives poor Jane no room to breathe. They were in colleges states apart and not in a committed relationship but he still proposes to her and talks about their future together in nearly every letter. I would have enjoyed this collection much more if we would have had more of Jane's letters in response to Kurts. As it is their is only one surviving letter from Jane and she is just as witty and well written as him. It is also sad that Kurt possessed this much love for Jane at the beginning but still ended up leaving her. The letters are broken into years and their daughter Edith, provides a brief snapshot of what is happening in their lives as well as some photos. Personally, the best letters are the ones he writes while he is overseas fighting in WWII. Interesting read - but probably only of interest for Vonnegut diehards. 

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