Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

I wanted to give this more stars, but I wasn't the hugest fan of the book. It was very conversational and jumped around a lot. There was a lot of interrupting, boner talk, and reminiscing. It was like a casual conversation. I'm sure the audio is drastically different from the print book in that there is a lot of spontaneous talk that you can tell was not included in print. On the upside we got some music and a bonus chapter, on the downside we missed out on all the cool pictures. It was neat hearing all about Nick and Megan's relationship, this just felt like more of a podcast then a book. Still fun though and it is awesome that it is narrated by the two of them. I will also say that this is far more than just their love story, it's part memoir about childhood, acting, family dynamics and other tidbits. They get their romance out of the way in the first third of the book.

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