Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sommelier of Deformity

Really this book is 4.5 stars because I doubt I'll be able to stop thinking about it anytime soon. Imagine if Confederacy of Dunces had a love child with Pornhub and Tumblr. Thankfully the main character is more redeemable and likable than Ignatius, but there are many similarities between the two. Buddy is twenty-eight years old and still living with his mother and grandfather. Since his Puppa has become too aged and decrepit to take care of himself, Buddy has taken over as the man of the family. He lords over their routines with hilarious ferocity, making sure everything is to his satisfaction. He rarely leaves the house accept to visit his occasional paramours and the library. His lucrative tech job can be done from the safety of his chambers and the only people he really converses with are his family. One of the reasons Buddy rarely leaves the house and has no friends is because of his appearance; he's not just ugly, he's hideous. Everything about him is misshapen and wrong looking, but he makes do with what he can, becoming a sommelier of deformity. Buddy's routine is thrown into a tizzy when his mother becomes smitten with the new home nurse, who happens to be (gasp) black. Buddy is shaken to his very core. This cannot be! Terrence's appearance throws the family dynamic off and it is all Buddy can do to keep functioning. Little does he know just how much he's about to come out of his shell to protect himself from this intruder. Hilarious, insightful, weird, and wonderful. A fantastic read.

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