Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Told in alternating narratives;by an elderly woman in a nursing home named Mrs. Threadgoode and Evelyn, a middle aged woman scared and resentful of everything. The two become accidental friends while Evelyn waits for her husband to finish up visiting his mother every Sunday. Mrs. Threadgoode is desperate to talk to anyone and Evelyn is a captive audience so it works out alright. She spins a wonderful tale about growing up in Whistle Stop, Alabama and paints it so vividly, that Evelyn begins to look forward to their weekly visits. She bceomes invested in Mrs. Threadgoodes past and more interested in her own future. Mrs. Threadgoode's stories are so outrageous that it's impossible to not get sucked into it, especially when she starts talking Ruth and Idgie, two lesbians (although they are never called that) in the deep south that are the heart and soul of the town. For a town in Alabama they were surprisingly open-minded (about some things). The deeper into the story you get, the more surprises unfold and both narratives will be forever changed.

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