Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Then She Was Gone

This reads like one of the more messed up Law and Order episodes. It's really dark, really messed up, and only gets weirder. It's a little unrealistic at times, but that certainly didn't stop me from listening. I had to know what happened and how the mess was going to unfold. Ten years ago Ellie Mac went to walk to the library and was never seen again. No trace of her was ever found. Her mother Laurel, never quite knew how to pick the pieces and it resulted in a divorce and strained relationship with her two remaining children. On the decade anniversary she starts to get some closure and she meets a man who seems to good to be true. Just when Laurel thinks the past is finally buried, she discovers some shocking secrets. Dark, twisted, and perfect for those who like messed up thrillers. The audiobook is a treat as it is narrated SUPERBLY by a native UK speaker who can bounce back and forth between a British and Irish accent.

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