Thursday, July 19, 2018

My Life as a White Trash Zombie

How could you not read a book with a title and cover like this?! It's impossible to pass up! I was glad the story lived up to the high expectations set by the badass cover-art, it was unique, fun, and well written. Angel goes from being a low life pill addict with an abusive father and asshole boyfriend, to nearly dead in an accident. She doesn't have much memory of what happened but apparently she overdosed on a boatload of pills even though she's convinced she was actually in a car wreck. As if that's not weird enough she's given a note and a case full of drinks when she's discharged from the hospital. She's to drink one of the weird drinks a day and then report to the morgue for a job. If she doesn't.... well, some of her former felonies will bite her in the ass. Suddenly she has a schedule, a job (which she surprisingly likes), and is clean (after the accident drugs and alcohol seem to have no effect on her). Her white trash life has been turned around! Only there is one problem.... she discovers she might actually be a zombie. Her job at the morgue could be a lot more crucial for her survival then she thought. Fun with a little hint of mystery this is a fun start to a series that I would love to finish!

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