Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lost Boy

Jon isn't your typical runaway. When he flees Unity he leaves behind a polygamous community, the only home he's ever known. The past couple of years Jon found himself questioning a lot of the beliefs and morals favored in his community and when he was caught kissing a girl he decided enough was enough. Although he begged Celeste to come with him he knew she wouldn't budge, she couldn't bear to leave her family behind, even if it meant she would be married off to an older man. Jon soon discovers that the easiest part is escaping, the hardest part is living. He is taken in by Abigail, a kind older women who has been known to take in all the Unity refugees. He rules are strict, everyone must help out around the house, attend school, and get a job which is easier said then done. Jon is at a serious disadvantage, he hasn't attended classes in years and is woefully behind his peers. Will Jon have what it takes to persevere or will he just give up? A good book that shows the reality of escaping a hard situation.

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