Tuesday, July 3, 2018

84, Charing Cross Road

This was SUCH an adorable book. I had seen the movie as a small child but it's been years since I thought of it. Also, I didn't realize that this is nonfiction and the correspondence is all real. Until I got to the epilogue I thought for sure I was reading fiction, talk about getting your mind blown! 84, Charing Cross Road is a quaint little antiquarian bookstore in England and an unlikely correspondence blooms between one of the booksellers and an American bibliophile. It starts simple, inquiring about old hard to find editions and it quickly blossoms into friendship with Helene sending over cases of food (it is during the 50s and rations are still in full effect in Britain.). It's witty, engaging, and heartfelt; the correspondence lasts decades and it's amazing how a simple act of inquiring about books can draw people who live thousands of miles apart, together. I'm definitely going to re-watch the movie!

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