Monday, June 18, 2018

The Kiss Quotient

I haven't read a romantic comedy in a while so I was excited to check out The Kiss Quotient because it had been receiving a lot of buzz! A successful businesswoman obsessed with her job in economics becomes frustrated and scared at the prospect of dating and sex. It doesn't help that her mother keeps pressuring her to find a man and hinting that she ants grandchildren. Stella decides that her Asperger's is getting in the way of relationships and she vows to get more practice so she can find a man and not scare him away. She decides to hire a male escort to show her the ropes in the bedroom and to give her tips on dating and small talk. To each of their surprise they hit it off perfectly, and soon her "training" is stretching out, it's almost as if they're really dating. She's all in, but her sexy male escort has some skeletons in his closet. Pretty sexy and mildly explicit, fun, and fresh. A nice beach read.

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