Monday, June 4, 2018

Charlotte's Web

I feel like I read this as a child, but I legit can't remember! I've certainly seen the movie and remember the general plot, so who knows. I may have read this in my youth, I may have not. Either way it was a delightful re-visit to a children's classic. This version was made even more enjoyable since it was narrated by the author and he did a wonderful job with the accents and pacing. It was truly a fun read. If you're one of like five people that has never read or seen Charlotte's Web, it's the tale of a pig who befriends a barn spider and in an effort to save him from the ax, she starts writing marvelous things about Wilbur in her web. It's a wonderful story of friendship, farms, and family. Still delightful half a century later, this will always be a family classic!

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