Monday, June 25, 2018

Note to Self

King, Gayle. Note to Self. 2 CDs. unabridged. Audioworks. 2018. ISBN 9781508260493. $19.99. 

A remarkable, diverse, and talented cast reads aloud letters written to their younger selves. Gayle King (CBS This Morning) selected some of the most inspiring letters she collected over the years and compiled them in this honest, emotional, and uplifting audiobook. Celebrities, athletes, pop culture icons, doctors, astronauts and more read aloud letters that they wish their younger selves could have benefited from and be comforted by. Oprah, Danika Patrick, Kermit the Frog, Tyler Perry, Dr. Ruth, and President Jimmy Carter are just some of the many amazing contributors included. Gayle King does an excellent job introducing each essayist and their achievements. Note to Self is a wonderful and uplifting reflection on youth, lessons learned, and self love. A perfect gift for graduates and fans of inspiring reads. - Erin Cataldi, Johnson Co. Public Library, Franklin, IN

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