Saturday, June 23, 2018

Into Thin Air

A chilling (see what I did there) account of the Mt. Everest disaster told from the journalist who experienced it first hand. Everest is one of the most deadly and sought after climbing achievements, no amount of peril can stop people from climbing the highest peak in the world. Jon Krakauer, an experienced climber and journalist is lucky enough to get sent on an expedition led by the best team to go up the mountain. Nothing could have prepared him for the icy hell that waited for him up in the mountain. Over the course of a few months he had become close with his climbing companions and they were all so excited to make this dangerous journey little did they know that there time was to be cut short and not all of them would make it down the mountain. Thrilling, captivating, enlightening, and ALL AROUND engrossing, I could not put this book down. Even though Jon fills the reader in on who dies right in the first chapter, leading up to those moments and learning about the history of Everest, mountain climbing, and the skill needed to complete such a a feat was mesmerizing. It was so interesting and rest assured I will NEVER participate in mountain climbing after this. A must read!!!

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