Monday, June 18, 2018

Surface Tension

I LOVED Mike Mullin's Ashfall series so I knew I had to check out this stand alone teen novel, especially since it was in such a different direction from his last series! One thing they have in common is strong male leads that are fast thinkers, and are sarcastic, witty, head strong, and resilient. Jake finds himself in an impossible situation, he witnessed an act of terrorism and now the terrorists are out to get him, only nobody believes him (except for his super wealthy, super awesome girlfriend who mostly believes him). He's trying to stay one step ahead of them, but it's practically impossible to do when you're a broke teenage boy in Indianapolis with only a bike to your name. Alternating with his fast paced story for survival is Betsy's story. Betsy is a terrorist, she' trying to make her dad proud and if that means she has to kill Jake then so be it. Alternating perspectives really help flesh out the story and spell out the "whys?" of the story. Well written but super super unbelievable. No teenager is outsmarting terrorists like this, it was a little over the top. If you can suspend belief then you will love this novel, if not? You should probably pass on it.

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