Friday, June 3, 2016

Trip Through Your Wires

Great build up as the reader goes back and forth in Carey's troubled life. From her time as a study abroad student in Mexico to the present as a broke 28 year old living with her parents in Indianapolis. Carey has a hard time letting go of the past and what happened in Mexico won't leave her mind, as long as her head is stuck on what she went through she can't focus on moving forward. Her boyfriend Ben was murdered in Mexico and years later a new piece of evidence has turned up that makes her want to rethink and relive every moment she spent down there with him. What really happened? Was it her fault, will the answers give her peace and help her move on with her life? Intriguing, even though I didn't see Carey's obsession with Ben, maybe I have to high a standard for my fictional men?! Other than that though a very compelling look at grief and the healing and/or destructive power of memory.

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