Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Only Pirate at the Party

I was honestly surprised how much I enjoyed this memoir. I read it in one sitting last night. I've followed Lindsey Stirling's career ever since I saw her first youtube video in 2010 and this book offered a unique and eye opening glimpse into her childhood, beginning of career up until now. I have a much greater appreciation for her after reading this. She is very unassuming and modest (I had no idea she was Mormon!) which is rare for a musician of her fame and talent. She stills drives her parents old Toyota Echo (that's my car!), spent a year and a half as a Mormon missionary on the East Coast, worked her way up from the bottom, threw herself back into her music after losing America's Got Talent, worked through her anorexia, and eventually achieved super stardom after a lot of hard work and support from family and friends that never gave up on her. It's an inspiring memoir and a must read for fans of her music. Teens and adults that like "clean" memoirs (no drugs, sex, or alcohol) will also enjoy this, it's very refreshing honestly.

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