Thursday, May 12, 2016

When the River Rises

My second Hurricane Katrina graphic novel in a week, yet this one manages to tell a completely different story.  When the River Rises focuses on the juvenile detention facilities and prisons and the hell that they went through. Quan and all the other inmates at the juvenile facility are sent to the prison because it will be "safer" when the water rises from the Hurricane. Once there all hell breaks loose. Some other inmates have it out for Quan and are determined to kill him, if that's not enough, Quan sees his father in prison. Amidst all the human drama the waters are rising, the prison is flooding, power is lost, and guards are fleeing. Some prisoners decide to escape and that may be the only option for Quan, since those boys are determined to get him now that order is list in the prison. Harrowing and gritty, this graphic novel illustrates that the flood impacted everyone, and some worse than others.

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