Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Berlin Boxing Club

Hands down one of the best fictional Holocaust novels for teens I have ever read, and I have read a lot! I could not put this down and finished this within a day. I love historical fiction and I love boxing so this book was a match made in heaven. Loosely based off of historical events surrounding the world heavyweight boxing champion from Germany, this novel centers on a young Jewish boy, Karl, in Berlin who gets the amazing opportunity to train under the great boxer himself. As anti-antisemitism grows in Germany, Karl finds himself in a tight spot; even though he looks Aryan and isn't a practicing Jew he gets lumped in with all the undesirables and all he wants to do is box, draw cartoons, and try to win over the cute girl living in the apartment complex. Filled with cartoon sketches, boxing advice, and the trials of growing up in a society where you and your family are reviled, this story resonated with me and I LOVED it! I liked it so much that it's one I would buy and re-read. Fantastic and not just for teenagers or fans of boxing.

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