Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bookishly Ever After

This book was adorable, I could totally relate to Phoebe and her incurable bibliohilia, although I was never into archery or knitting. Phoebe is sixteen and is a socially awkward knitting bookworm. She practically lives in her books but that doesn't stop her from having good friends that sometimes try to save her from herself. When she finds out that one of her guy friends Dev (yay for diversity! who doesn't love Indian boys!), may have a crush on her she turns to her books to try and work through it. How would her favorite heroines act, what would they wear, should she like him back? To the annoyance of her friends she is reluctant to take their advice and she makes the whole situation harder for herself by trying to live vicariously through her books. Should she trust her heart, her friends, or her fictional heroines? Totally nerdastic and adorable. This is for all the bookworms.

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