Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Moonlight Over Paris

This is a nice easy beach read. There is virtually no plot, the characters are all likable and the imagery is beautiful; you can zone out and enjoy it but you won't learn a whole lot from it. Moonlight Over Paris is set in 1920's Paris after the first World War and focuses on Helena coming to terms with her life, friends, and art. The book starts with Helena on the brink of death, vowing to change her life if she can pull through the scarlet fever. When she gets better she decides to move to Paris and live with her aunt while attending art school. While there she makes great friends and attracts the eye of a handsome American. The scenery, descriptions of art, and detail to imagery make it a pleasant read even though there isn't much, if any, plot to propel the story forward. Not a bad read, but not great either. This book would also appeal to fans of gentle reads, inspirational fiction (no sex, very PG), and historical fiction.

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