Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hippie Chick

Acclaimed jam-band and Grateful Dead photographer, Jay Blakesberg, has compiled an excellent collection of photographs, essays, and quotes from hippie chicks all over the United States.  They range over several decades worth of live concerts, mainly Grateful Dead shows. The pictures themselves are beguiling, but the accompanied quotes and mini essays really add depth to this photography collection. There is nothing more awe inspiring then the freedom and devotion of the hippie chicks; they are weightless, dancing, hooping, laughing, swaying with the music and Blakesberg's photographs really make these women shine, they are beautiful inside and out. This collection really plays tribute to the music and the culture that created and sustains decade after decade of hippie chicks. Reading through this gorgeous collection will inspire you to start planning your next live show immediately. As an added bonus there is a wonderful foreword penned by Grace Slick and an afterword by Grace Potter. This gorgeous photography collection is not to be missed.

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