Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Once Was Lost

Despite the normal grumblings I have about historical Christian fiction (women belong in the house, men know best, etc.) this was actually a pretty good book. Kim Vogel Sawyer actually had the audacity to counter some of my least favorite aspects of Christian romance (finally!).

This historical romance is set in rural Kansas during the mid to late nineteenth century. Christina Willems runs a well loved poor house on the outskirts of town but when a fire ruins the only home she's ever known she has to find accommodations for her and all the residents. Finding someone to take in Tommy, an eleven year old blind boy turns out to be difficult. Desperate and with no where else to go she entrusts him to a faithless bachelor, Levi Johnson. While Miss Willems busies herself trying to secure funds to rebuild the house and look after her wards sparks begin to fly between her and Levi. The more frustrated she becomes with her the more the attraction grows. The turmoil in her heart isn't the only ache Miss Willems has to face however, someone is trying to sully her good name in town and she has no idea why. Will the townspeople stand by her? Will Levi? Read to find out!!!

As stated, for a Christian historical romance I was pleasantly surprised. Yes there were many instances of women aren't as worthy or capable as men (it's in the bible!) stuff, but the author addresses and counters it. Another redeeming factor was Cora, a young pregnant and unwed girl who, shockingly, isn't stoned or ridiculed (not by everyone in the town anyways, there are good Christians!). Overall, a good quick and uplifting read.

I was given this book for free from Waterbrook Press in return for my honest, unbiased opinion.

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