Friday, December 20, 2013

The Rosie Project

This book was really hyped up for me. And while it was good, it wasn't that good. It was fast paced, funny, and inventive, but... I wasn't sold on all the characters. Particularly Rosie.

Th story is centered on Don Tillman. A brilliant, yet... intense genetics professor(imagine Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory) . Things have to be orderly, schedules have to be adhered to, and standards have to be met. Don decides that the time is right to find a wife, but in order to find the perfect mate he needs to set rules. Thus begins "The Wife Project." He makes a questionnaire to easily weed out the women who smoke, drink, aren't good at math, have bad BMI's, aren't on time, etc. The only problem is, will Don ever find someone who meets all the criteria?

Along comes Rosie, an attractive, smart, and funny girl. The only problem is, she doesn't fulfill all of his requirements, she failed three questions. Why is Don enjoying himself around her when she has proven to be an unsuitable candidate? Hilarity ensues.

A fast, fun read.

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