Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking for Alaska

STUPID FEELINGS! Why John Green why?!? Why do you lure me in with your beautifully flawed characters, witty dialogue, and the wonder of searching for the great perhaps only to stomp on my feeble little heart?!?!?! Why?!?

That being said. I loved the shit out of this book. It was perfect. I loved every single character. They were perfect, and by perfect, I mean faithful representations of flawed human teenagers, invincible, convincing, and full of wonderment.

Miles Halter (aka Pudge) leaves behind his parents and exciting friendless life, to go to a boarding school in hopes of finding the great perhaps. He immediately becomes best friends with his roommate, the Colonel, and is introduced to an exciting group of kids, Lara (the exotic foreigner), Takumi, and Alaska, the most intoxicating girl he's ever met. Together they make the school year more exciting, pulling pranks, smoking cigarettes, reading, drinking, and questioning their lives. It's a wonderful coming of age story. John Green understands teenagers better that I did when I was one. His narration and dialogue is spot on.

An absolute must read. You'll laugh and cry (although not as badly as in "The Fault in Our Stars") and want to go read every single word ever written by John Green. Also, he mentions Kurt Vonnegut several times in the story, a fitting tribute to a fellow Hoosier author.

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