Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Colorado Kid

I was looking for a short mystery read and this definitely fit the bill. That being said, I threw the book across the room. Be warned.

Stephen King, as always, does a masterful job of storytelling. He sets the scene and then hooks you and reels you in until you can only helplessly turn the pages. This tiny mystery novella (less than 200 pages) is narrated by two old journalists who tell the beautiful young intern the most tantalizing and unsolved crime they know. The reader, like the intern, gets hopelessly sucked in as they recount the strange incident of the Colorado Kid. A dead body, thousands of miles from home, no answers, ruled as an accidental death? The questions keep coming until *SPOILER* you get to the end and discover (turn back now if you want to read this!) that it's still unsolved!! This story ends with no conclusion!!! Ahhh!!!! That being said it was still a mighty fine read. All hail the ever talented Stephen King.

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