Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Reading List

A book that bibliophiles will delight in. A true reader's delight. A story about the power of books in bringing people together. Widower Mukesh lives a lonely life in West London, unsure how to fill the days since his wife of nearly fifty years has passed. When he finds a library book, The Time Travelers Wife, in her things, he starts to read it. Even though he has never been a reader he is entranced. He wants to read more books like that so he can feel closer to his wife. He finds the library the book belongs to and in the process starts reading off a list that will break him out of his shell and bring him closer to a teenager battling family issues. Together they work their way through a list of books  and each title helps change the way they think and gives them new perspectives on life. Charming. 

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