Sunday, August 25, 2013

The 5th Wave

Hands down the BEST alien book I've ever read! Imagine if "The Host" had actually been good and had a lot of awesome multi-dimensional characters, now multiply that by ten and throw in some "War of the Worlds" and that is what "The 5th Wave" is. A real page turner told through the eyes of those living through the alien invasion.

Humans have been largely eradicated, billions are dead and the few that remain know they can trust NO ONE. After the first wave, the world was covered in darkness, everything technological was destroyed in a massive EMP blast. Everything was mass chaos. The second wave killed millions by wiping out all the coastal cities, the third wave was a plague, and the fourth wave was aliens posing as humans. Can Cassie survive another wave? Can anyone?

This young adult thriller will keep you on your toes as you see the world through the eyes of four young survivors. Each chapter brings about another question, another trial. Can humanity survive?

This page turner is hands down the most inventive and engaging alien novel I've ever read, it's not overly science fictiony and it is a great read for those who love dystopias and end of the world books.

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