Thursday, August 22, 2013

Allingham: The Long Journey Home

John Horst has done it again, the third installment (and final one I believe) of the Allingham series is just as good as the first two, if not better. This time however, our hero, Allingham, takes the backseat for some of the adventure because of the tragic loss of his beautiful wife. While mourning Rebecca, all hell breaks loose in Arizona. It's a land war and ranches are pitted against each other as cattle go missing, men get lynched, houses burned down, etc.Without Allingham to save the day they hire his old friend Stosh Gorski, a tough cop from New York to try and clean up the land and figure out who is behind it all. As the body count keeps mounting, Stosh wishes like hell that Allingham could pull his shit together and help him straighten out the mess. Will the conflict ever end?

Overall, another great western with memorable characters and of course Horst's trademark, strong women. At points it gets a little confusing straightening out the minor characters, figuring who works for who, but it's easily remedied when you continue reading. Another must read!

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