Monday, August 12, 2013

If I Stay

This book had a great premise and it made me very emotional several times(yes, that's right I teared up, get over it). I somehow wanted more from it though, don't as me what because I can't lay my finger on it.

The story follows Mia, a young and in love teenager, who gets into a horrific car wreck that kills her parents and her brother. The next 24 hours are the hardest in Mia's life. Mia isn't dead, not quite, she's in ICU and hooked up to everything imaginable. But rather than laying in her broken body she's outside of it, like a ghost or apparition. She can see all the events unfolding. She can see how upset her family is in the waiting room, how hard it is on her punk rock boyfriend, and the toll it takes on her best friend, Kim. As she's watching all this unfold and reliving her memories she must decide, to stay here with those that care about her or to give up and join her family in heaven.

It's a sad and thought provoking book that captures the human emotions brilliantly. In a way it reminded me of "The Lovely Bones." 

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