Thursday, May 27, 2021


For anyone who has ever been bullied or felt uncomfortable in their own skin - this is the book for you. Ellie has been obsessively bullied about her weight ever since she had an under the sea 5th birthday party and wore a whale swimsuit. It's not just classmates, it's her siblings and her mother too. When your nickname is splash - life is anything but a cakewalk. Everything gets harder when her best friend moves away and her mother starts pushing her for surgery. She doesn't want to be skinny, she wants people to accept her for the way she is. Is she not good enough? Written in verse, this book also has so many great quotes or takeaways that readers will want to write down or commit to memory. Fat shaming is never ok - and so many angles are confronted and dissected by this precocious young teen. This middle grade novel will attract readers of all ages, so many people can relate to her story. Empowering and uplifting. A must read for everybody. 

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