Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Someone Knows

A terrible tragedy that occurred when Allie Garvey was only 15 has defined her life. Now 20 years later she's back at the scene of the crime. She's attending the funeral of one of the four who who witnessed that unspeakable event. In 20 years not one of those four teenagers has spoken aloud what happened. In fact, none of them have ever even spoken to each other again. But now it is a time of reckoning. Someone knows and the question is what will happen to those three remaining witnesses. This adrenaline pumping novel discusses grief, guilt, and the power that secrets hold over us. It's upsetting, life altering, and the power it takes to move past and forgive yourself (if indeed you are worthy of forgiveness) is impossibly hard. Fast paced and tragic.  

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