Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Wow - this compelling (soon to be award winning) look at the caste system in America, India, and Nazi Germany will give Americans a LOT of food for thought. Impressively researched; there is no way you won't be changed after reading this. When most people think of caste they think of India and the untouchables but Isabel Wilkerson dives deep into it's meaning the pillars that support it and then holds it up to a mirror so that we can see just caste driven American society is. It's.... upsetting, but honestly we're long past due for a reckoning; a coming to terms with our shameful past (and present). This book should be required reading. You can't unlearn what's in here but hopefully you can change your perception, your worldview, and start applying it for the betterment of ALL Americans (not just the white ones). Truly an awe inspiring book. 

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