Monday, November 26, 2018

Lady of a Thousand Treasures

Inspirational readers will be a big fan of this historical fiction involving, murder, theft, intrigue, romance, and a dash of adventure. Miss Eleanor Sheffield is practically running her late father's antiquities and appraisal shop. Her uncle is in declining health and it's on her and another young man to keep the business afloat. Many of the aristocracy and wealthy have reservations about a young lady's knowledge in treasures, but she was trained by the best, her father. When a large estate of treasures is placed in Eleanor's care to decide whether the collection should say with the deceased man's son or go to a museum, she finds herself torn. The son in question is her former crush, and she fears she still has feelings for him. What's a girl to do? If that wasn't complicated enough, counterfeits keep cropping up, and she discovers that bills have gone unpaid. How will she ever keep her family's business open? A delicate, inspirational romance with lush atmosphere.

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