Sunday, November 4, 2018

Check Please

A cute, endearing graphic novel that will find a plethora of fans. Check Please is a graphic novel starring a young baker/vlogger/figure skater/hockey player that is thrilled to go away to college and meet new friends. He immediately feels at home with his new collegiate hockey mates and they accept him in no time. How can they not when he keeps baking them pies? He's  having a harder time though on the ice then he thought he would, Bitty is terrified of getting hit; in his high school hockey league there was no checking; but now that he's in college he's going to have to accept taking a few hits and helping his teammates to help out. Cute, laugh out loud funny, inventive, and impossible to put down; I can't wait until volume two comes out. I have to find out what will happen between Bitty and his crush (the hockey captain!).

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