Wednesday, November 7, 2018


I thoroughly enjoyed this short story by Stephen King. It takes place in Castle Rock (the setting of many King tales) and features a man who is slowly losing weight. In itself, that isn't very odd, but the puzzling aspect is that his mass is still staying the same. Every day he loses a pound or so but his muscles and physique don't change a hair. Scott Carey doesn't know what to think so he consults his friend who is a retired physician and he is just as puzzled as Scott is. At first Scott is worried, what will happen when the scale says zero? But soon he accepts fate and works on living his best life and trying to improve the lives around him, particularly the lives of the lesbian restaurant owners who live right next to him. Maybe he can work on making his conscious as light as his body. A charming, unique story that not just King fans will enjoy. 

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