Monday, August 20, 2018

Throne of Jade

While I enjoyed this book greatly, it didn't hold as much sway for me as the first one.Which is still fine because I still enjoyed this book greatly, sometimes i's just hard to live up to the debut. In this second book in the series Laurence and Temeraire are summoned to China. A royal escort has come to take them back to China to explain themselves to the emperor. The Chinese embassy is aghast that an imperial dragon such as Temeraire would be allowed to fight in battles and treated as if he were any other ordinary dragon. Reluctantly they head off for a six month journey. Along the way lie many dangers, and Termeraire and Laurence's relationship begins to strain a little. What will happen if Temeraire likes China better? Will they really be safe there? And will they ever be able to go back home? The sea journey was a little long for me, but there was a lot more intrigue and a lot more dragons which i appreciated.

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