Monday, August 13, 2018

The Crescent Stone

An inventive new teen fantasy drama that creates a whole new realm where not everything is as it appears. Sometimes when you get an offer that is too good to be true... it is. Madeline Oliver is reaching the end of her life. Once an athletic, bubbly teenager; issues with her lungs make it hard to breathe, attend school, see her boyfriend, and soon it will be too hard to live. When a stranger approaches her and offers to cure her of her lung illness for a year of service in his world... she accepts. What she doesn't expect is that her nosy lab partner, Jason, will invite himself along for the ride. The Sunlit Lands are everything Madeline has ever dreamed of and more; it's so fantastical that she can't believe her luck. But deep down she realizes that there is a lot she and Jason aren't being told. What is the real price they must pay for their gifts? Laugh out loud funny and compelling, this teen fantasy is a hit. I can't wait for the sequel!

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